Vision Perfect is committed to providing the best and most technologically advanced solutions for tournament management operations in the industry.  The company places equal importance on providing the best support in the industry and has built an excellent reputation over the years with hundreds of clients for doing just that.  Toll free telephone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Support technicians also have the latest support tools available and can connect directly to a user’s PC over the web for support and training.

Vision Perfect Partners, with over 15 years of actual ‘hands-on’ golf course and tournament operations experience and 15 years of experience in custom software application development, offers a number of tournament software products.  The main product is our ViPer Tournament Manager.  This easy to use tournament management system provides quick event setup utilities for any kind of format with Wizards available at every stage.  The system also provides drag and drop tools and other quick change options from the ViPer toolbar icons to allow for any kind of last minute adjustments.  Hundreds of system reports are available as well as custom report designers to allow users to build reports any way they want with any font, size, color selections and multiple graphics placement options.  The system can print to any printer on any size paper available including large format plotter printers for 2 ft x 3 ft or larger scoreboards and any size header banners.

ViPer Leaderboard offers a state-of-the-art video display program to display player starting information, live scores leader boards during an event and completed results after the event on any TV (or multiple TVs), projection system or plasma screens.  This application is also offered in a desktop version or an internet browser based version.  The internet browser version allows a facility to install the program on one PC setup as a server, attach it to the ViPer TM database, and then from any computer in the facility (or any computer in the world with access) with an internet browser to start the application, select the event and display the event information.  When displaying leader boards or score results, all data is updated instantly as it is either typed into the ViPer Tournament Manager computer or when scores are received electronically from the multiple GPS in-cart scoring interfaces ViPer supports.  Screens provide for photo background graphics with transparent grids for starting info, variance from par leader boards or final score results and additional graphics panels for pictures of foursomes from a digital camera or logos and graphics of sponsors and host course.  The display also includes a scrolling ticker for individual scores or any text messages.  All grids and ticker give the user full control for fonts, font sizes, colors and transparent or solid background options.  ViPer Leaderboard can also be used to display any club information from upcoming events to restaurant specials and other club event news.

Vision Perfect also offers a ViPer Web Manager product that enables automated web posting programs to automatically post tournament results to fixed web pages and to allow for event web registrations for team signups or for group coordinators to sign up all event players over the web.  The web registration programs add the players directly to the tournaments without requiring any addition import or export steps.  You simply open the event and all registered player names will appear in the event.  Additionally there are programs to manage pari-mutuel bet tracking and auction Calcutta’s.

Vision Perfect provides ongoing program development for all products.  ViPer provides direct links to the Vision Perfect website from the help menu to check for updates and provide access to multiple other help and support tools.

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