Custom Scoreboards

Viper Leader board is a high-quality desktop-based display application for tournament starting boards, leader boards, completed scoreboards, upcoming events, contest hole winners, menus, non-golf related results, and any other information. The application is easy to use, and you can install it on any system configuration which can connect to the Viper TM database. However, custom scoreboards help you create and print customized scoreboards of any paper size you are capable of printing on including large format 24" and broader Plotter Printer. Also, by displaying your scoreboards on the web, you can access them from anywhere in the world on any device including TVs, laptops, iPods, tablets and any Smartphone.

The moment you enter or receive the scores, the application automatically updates the information in the video which displays each time it cycles through the players or teams. The signal can split multiple times and carry up to 600' without any signal loss over standard cat5 Network cable to video display devices such as TV, LCD Projector or Plasma Screen. Even the application supports multiple events and can display different events on different screens at the same time. So, contact Vision Perfect to see how it works. For more information, below are the features you can implement of this program:

  • Choose from multiple columns to display.
  • Select any available font, font size or color to use.
  • Choose the background colors of your choice.
  • Alternate row colors and set column borders in any manner or select multiple golf scene photographs for backgrounds.
  • Set horizontal scroll speed for every board style.
  • Display team player names horizontally or vertically.
  • Select optional scrolling ticker message or Alpha Player List position with full font and color control.
  • Include multiple advertising and graphics messages along with timing control to rotate through the files.
  • Include digital camera photos of the event and set the stay time of each photo before moving to the next.
  • On the same display, you can include a live TV feed window.
  • Begin multiple sessions for multiple events at the same time.
  • Display Events, Schedules, News or other information.