Easy Re-pairing by Scores

By clicking a few buttons, you can not only create the pairing you desire but also easily re-pair the next rounds by scores. So, check out the following steps to create the pairing you want:

  • To create easy re-pairing by scores, firstly, click on ‘Create a New Event.’ Then choose ‘Stroke Play,’ and click on ‘Create.’

Easy Repairing

  • On the new window, in the ‘Rounds’ text box, enter the number of rounds to three and uncheck the ‘All Rounds the Same’ checkbox. Additionally, choose the ‘Team Size’ to one and ‘Group Size’ to 4 some. Then click ‘Finish.’

Easy Repairing by Scores

  • On the new window, click on the ‘Players’ icon and choose ‘Import Players.’ Then import players by choosing ‘Import from Excel, CSV, or Delimited File.’ On the new pop-up box, choose the necessary file by clicking on ‘Choose.’ Then click the ‘Import’ button.

Easy Repairing - Import from Excel

  • Once the Viper-TM app imports the list of players, then after choosing the required layout and checking the appropriate checkboxes, click ‘Ok.’

Easy Repairing - Import List of Players

  • Once you choose the layout, go to the ‘Hdcps’ icon, and choose ‘Calculate Handicap.’

Easy Repairing - Calculate Handicap

  • Once the Viper-TM calculates the handicaps, go to ‘Scores’ and choose ‘Score Entry.’ On the new window, enter scores for all the players.

Easy Repairing - Score Entry

·        After entering the scores, with the back arrow, go back to the ‘Player Grid.’

Easy Repairing - Player Grid

  • Then go to the ‘Layout’ icon, and choose ‘Show Round 1 Gross/Net Scores.’ Then press ‘Ok.’

Easy Repairing - Net Scores

  • On the new window, in round 2, sort players by ‘Team Number’ and ‘Net Scores.’

Team Numbers

  • After sorting, go to the ‘Tools’ icon, and choose ‘Auto Assign Tees/Times.’ A new pop-up box will open up with a message ‘All players will be reassigned to 4somes with the exception of any odd-sized teams. All team members will be assigned to the same tee/time. Do you want to continue?’ Click ‘Ok,’ so you can easy re-pair next rounds by scores.

Tees - Times