Odd sized Teams for Events

Managing Odd sized Teams in your events are no problem for ViPer Tournament Manager

With the help of the ViPer Tournament Manager, you can easily Set Odd sized Team Event for golfers of all backgrounds on an international stage.

We recognize changes are inevitable when running golf tournaments.  No worries... Make these unexpected changes easily.  Including changes made in the last minute, perhaps even after they have begun the event without causing problems.  Below we will illustrate how easy ViPER TM makes it.

Changing Players in Odd Sized Teams

We have implemented multiple ways to view your event.  For example, you can view your event in an across the grid, which makes it easy to see who is grouped on what tees or times.  This grid allows you to change team makeup as well at groupings. 

You can change or shift any player to another group (drag and drop option).

Odd Sized Team Events

In the above screenshot, Row 1B player (Danny Wilson Jr) has been shifted to the row 1A (drag and drop option). 

The row 1A has now developed into a 5some players group and 1B has turned into 3some.

Odd Sized Team Events

Last-minute changes… No Problem, Done!