TV-Video Scoreboard Display

Vision Perfect’s – ViPer Leaderboard Software provides a high tech solution for video scoreboards, video starting boards and video leaderboards and enables facilities to drive patrons to revenue centers to maximize group event revenue opportunities before and after the event. And NOW available as a Web Based application which enables wireless Web Scoreboards to any TVs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones with web browsing .
With ViPer Leaderboard, you can easily setup very high quality start boards prior to any event, live leaderboards during any event and final scoreboards after the event to be displayed on one or multiple TVs in your clubhouse

  •  Create your own video displays with any fonts, colors, background colors, background photos with any overlaid graphics or logos
  • Add scrolling ticker messages or ticker of individual scores anywhere on the screen.
  • Digital photos taken of the actual event can quickly downloaded from a camera and easily displayed in the same screen.
  • Uses simple connectivity between any computer and TV/Video display screens (including multiple display screens) throughout a facility using standard network cable up to 600 feet.
  • Scores update automatically in the displays as they are being entered in the tournament software from any networked location including wireless laptop connections.
  • Setup displays for any information that can be organized in grid format – whether upcoming events, specials, menus or whatever
  • Supports multiple round events and multiple event displays on the same screen – either one after the other or multiple screens can be configured to display more than one event on each screen.
  • With live scoring, whether from in-cart GPS
    interface or radio transmitted scores, ViPer
    Leaderboard can provide live scores during the
  • Scores can be configured with different colors
    for ‘under’, ‘even’ and ‘over’ par along with the
    number of holes played so far.
  • Score positions are updated each time the
    Leaderboard starts over to show the ‘live’
    current leader positions and position changes
    throughout the event.
  • At the completion of scoring, the display can be
    quickly changed to a final scoreboard to show
    all finishing positions and final scores for the
  • Supports individual and team formats including
    stroke and point conversion for Stableford and
    Point Quota formats.
  • During team formats, a ticker can be added to
    show current variance from par for all individuals
    in the event in an alpha sort scroll.
  • Displays can be configured to scroll from the bottom to
    the top or may setup to ‘transition from one set of
    records to another – such as two teams to the next two
  • When ‘transitions’ are used, there are multiple ‘transition
    effects’ to select from or multiple transition effects can
    be selected for each event. Manual transitions may also
    be selected to manually move from one screen to the
    next, either forward or backwards – such as to
    announce winners and purse prizes one at a time.
  • Include Slide Shows with any event or multi-event
    display. After the scores display, the slide show (with
    any Power Point type slides or photos) will cycle through
    and then the scoreboard will start again.
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