Integration between TKVgps and Vision Perfect ViPER TM tournament manager gives you additional functionality. The synergy that is created elevates your facility making it more attractive than other golf courses in your area. Some of the features you will have with this integration are:

  • Single-button setup. You do not need to do any additional work, you simply press a button, “Send All Carts” your entire event is now published to each golf cart assigned to your event.

  • Each golf cart will have a welcome screen, customized with the player names, and starting tee/time.

  • Once the event begins the player will have the ability to see a scorecard, record and save their scores.

  • As scores are received from each golf cart, a new leaderboard will be created and returned to the golf cart. Every player/team will understand where they currently stand in the event.

Additionally, TKVgps offers…

Fully equipped with web-based fleet-management software, TKVGPS offers efficient GPS-based fleet management. The systems can be easily managed from a broad range of PC and mobile hardware platforms. The key features of TKVGPS incorporate 3D mapping and layouts of a golf course, together with pace-of-play and odometer monitoring. Furthermore, the vehicle travel record and geofencing abilities with remote vehicle shutdown allow courses to maintain vehicles within specific boundaries for protection and security. Its systems offer automatic and two-way messaging abilities, linking the clubhouse and the golfer.