TKVGPS Interface

Integration between TKVGPS Interface and Vision Perfect ViPER-TM tournament manager gives you additional functionality. This synergy elevates your facility making it more attractive than other golf courses in your area. Below are the features of this integration:

  • To set up a simple button, click on ‘Send All Carts.’ Once you click, the Viper-TM application will publish the entire event to each golf cart assigned to your event.

TKVGPS - Send all Carts

·        Each golf cart will have a welcome screen customized with the player names, and starting tee/time.

·        Once the event begins, the player can see a scorecard, record and save the scores.

·        As you receive scores from each golf cart, the Viper-TM application will create a new leaderboard and return to the golf cart making every team or player understand their current position in the event.