ViPer- Custom Scorecards


Design your own Custom Scorecards

 See examples below for different scorecard designs

2 Up Landscape Team Scorecard with 2 Score Descriptor Rows. 

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Same Scoring Descriptor All Players

Team Scorecard with the same scoring descriptor below each player’s name


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2 Person Teams Same Score Descriptor

2 Person Team Scorecards with 2 Teams per Scorecard and each team having the same score row descriptors


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2 Person Teams Different Descriptors

2 Person Team Scorecards with 2 Teams per Scorecard and each team having their own score row descriptor (Descriptor 1 for Team 1 on card and Descriptor 2 for Team 2 on card)


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2 Person Team Cards for 666 Format

2 Person Team Scorecards with 1 Team per Scorecard for 6-6-6 (Best Ball, Alt Shot, Scramble) formats. 3 Scorecards included for different orders of 666. Best Ball Holes have pops on cards for strokes.


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ViPer - Standard and Optional Tournament Reports

Proxy Sign Reports - Build your own proxy signs to fit any size page for 1 Up or 2 Up reports.


Signup Report - Specialty - Signup Report updated for 3, 4 or 5 person team events. Download and Unzip


Merge Letters - New Welcome and Follow up Letters with attachments. Welcome letter has a 'Golf Outings Services' 2nd page and Follow up Letter has a 'Survey Questionnaire' 2nd page. Both documents can be modified in any way for the letter text and the attachment text.

Form Scorecards - Drop in Scorecard Reports for various Handicap Association scorecard forms. Compatible with upcoming Version 7.0 Reports. Download and unzip. For network installs, unzip to the shared database location.

Hole Score Board - 8x11 Hole-by-Hole Score Posting Boards for single scores and G/N scores. These reports will need to be added to the 'Maintenance-Defaults-Custom' reports screen which will add them to the 'Other Custom Reports Menu. Call for assistance.

Individual Differentials Report - Individual 20 score handicap differentials report. Download and unzip to update for 'Attest' signature.