ViPer- Custom Scorecards


Design your Custom Scorecards

 See examples below for different scorecard designs

2 Up Landscape Team Scorecard with 2 Score Descriptor Rows. 

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Same Scoring Descriptor All Players

Team Scorecard with the same scoring descriptor below each player’s name


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2 Person Teams Same Score Descriptor

2 Person Team Scorecards with 2 Teams per Scorecard and each team having the same score row descriptors


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2 Person Teams Different Descriptors

2 Person Team Scorecards with 2 Teams per Scorecard and each team having their score row descriptor (Descriptor 1 for Team 1 on card and Descriptor 2 for Team 2 on the card)


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2 Person Team Cards for 666 Format

2 Person Team Scorecards with 1 Team per Scorecard for 6-6-6 (Best Ball, Alt Shot, Scramble) formats. 3 Scorecards included for different orders of 666. Best Ball Holes have popped on cards for strokes.


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ViPer - Standard and Optional Tournament Reports

Proxy Sign Reports - Build your proxy signs to fit any size page for 1 Up or 2 Up reports.


Signup Report - Specialty - Signup Report updated for 3, 4 or 5 person team events. Download and Unzip


Merge Letters - New Welcome and Follow up Letters with attachments. The welcome letter has a 'Golf Outings Services' 2nd page and Follow up Letter has a 'Survey Questionnaire' 2nd page. Both documents can be modified in any way for the letter text and the attachment text.

Form Scorecards - Drop-in Scorecard Reports for various Handicap Association scorecard forms. Compatible with upcoming Version 7.0 Reports. Download and unzip. For network installs, unzip to the shared database location.

Hole Score Board - 8x11 Hole-by-Hole Score Posting Boards for single scores and G/N scores. These reports will need to be added to the 'Maintenance-Defaults-Custom' reports screen which will add them to the 'Other Custom Reports Menu. Call for assistance.

Individual Differentials Report - Individual 20 score handicap differentials report. Download and unzip to update for 'Attest' signature.