Viper Web Release Notes


Includes report enhancements for scorecard and starting reports.

Enables Note 1 and 2 fields in Web Registration forms to update the User Fields 1 and 2 in the Player Grid for on-line signups.

Fixes an issue with Graphic positions in Leaderboard Displays that were not saving with the layout template.


Corrects an issue when sending ‘All’ carts to GPS interface and retains grid positions when cart numbers entered.


Implements new GHIN 2020 Interface as current interface will reach end of life in November 2020

Adds new player field to Scorecard Reports for Tee Box

Includes fixes for a number of identified issues


 Corrects an issue with Skins Game Setup and Landing Page Maintenance


Adds new option to select and save Player Name format in the Report Designer so the name format becomes part of the report design.

Adds new option to manage rounding when applying a Handicap Adjustments.  The new option will disable rounding until the adjustment has been applied.

Adds a new option to import players (including database players) from another event.

Adds group color differentiations in Player Grids for improved User Interface

Adds option for Alternating Row colors for Start Reports

Corrects event and score reports for Duplicate Players to exclude from Cart, Start and Scoreboards and include on Score Reports

Fixes a problem with graphic uploads

Fixes an alignment issue with ‘Template’ scorecard printing (printing on course’s cards)


Adds new Team hole by hole report for individual scoring.

Corrects an issue with course names including punctuation and fixes a number of bugs


Adds new Score Review Screen for any events formerly only available for GPS/Phone Scoring.


Corrects some player name entry issues and optimizes some functions for improved speed


Enhances Match Play for issues found with Standard Elimination and Team Cup Play setup.

Fixes a sort issue for Scoreboard Reports.


Adds Report Library Folders by Report Tyupe to Server to enable quick report layouts for custom report building.

Provides code optimization in a number of areas to speed application performance


Enables Handicap Adjustments ‘by Flight’ in multi-flight events.


Adds option to put round dates on scorecards

Improves Round Robin Setup and updates Round Robin Start Reports

Corrects start hole highlighting for Back 9 holes when Initials column added

Corrects an issue with Skins Report hole score for Plus Handicap Player Skins

Fixes Phone Scoring for email notifications


Enables Handicap Adjustments in multi flight event to be made ‘By Flight’


Adds option to show/hide indexes and adjusted handicaps in the Across Grid view

Enables ‘Post Scores to GHIN’ for the new World Handicap System with the new maximum net double bogey logic for hole by hole score adjustments.

Updates Scores Reports to use Player Name Format from the player grid

Speeds up adding a GHIN player to an event with GHIN number and enables GHIN player to be added to a site’s player database with a GHIN number

Corrects a sorting issue with Round Robin starting and scoreboard reports for team member order

Enables ½ stroke rounding option when rounding an event handicap adjustment


Modifies Landing Page Header designer to enable photos to be resized and enables multiple logos and graphics to be added

Fixes a page size issue when setting up printing on courses own scorecards

Fixes an issue with User Defined Fields in the player grid when sorting and with Random Team building

Corrects an alignment problem with scoreboards when using both boxes per team and lines per player

Separate handicap adjustments enabled for all Sub Event Games


Fixes horizontal alignment for groups in multi-column reports


Optimizes code to speed up operations including drag and drop for player changes.

Adds ability to send email to database players in any event with email addresses from the event.

Adds new customization options for a Site’s Web Landing Page appearance where a site can add the Landing Page to their websites to enable players access to on-line sign-ups, event reports and results, video leaderboard and scoreboard displays and league reports, standings and results.

Enhances the Scorecard Repot Designer for new appearance capabilities . 


Implements the new World Handicap System with daily index updates and new Course Handicap calculations.  The existing ‘Update to Current Index’ feature under the Handicap Icon can now be used to update each round of events to the current index for the day with any events that are prepared in advance.

Enables live scoring leaderboards for League Play events for all interfaces.

Updates ‘Games’ reports for new Deuces and Eagles games.

Updates scorecard reports for long names that were being truncated,  and corrects margins for 9 hole scorecards and font size selections.

Fixes issues with changes made to Blind Draw and Duplicate players added in the Player Grid.


Enables Gallus Golf interface for event phone scoring and leaderboards

Adds Pin Sheet Report with Pin Placer

Enables Ball Selection Rules (required Player scores in team formats) for Stableford Scoring

Adds Garamond fonts

Fixes some issues found and provides speed enhancement for operations 


Adds Multi-Course options for Contest Sign Design

Modifies Starting Report top and bottom margin adjustments for the issue with Bag Tag Reports

Modifies ‘Line between Rows’ for Starting Reports to adjust line position from font size selection.

Adds Player Club and Player Number options to Start Report Designer

Provides new point options for Team Cup Play for Nassau points

Adds a Web Page to facility Landing Page for League reports and results



Adds Eclectic Scoring format option with the option to use tiebreaking for the eclectic results

Adds new Start Report option to report designer for 4 or 5 across reports by Start Time or Tee

Modifies Contest Sign utility to support multi-course sites so signs can be built ‘By Course’

Adds a new user-configurable ‘Web Landing Page’ for sites to enable adding a web page to a facility’s website for access to Web Registration, Video Leaderboards/Scoreboards and Tournaments and Outings results with each event then having the option for whether or not the results and reports will be available for viewing.



Adds a new option to League Play to send an email message to all players or any individual player from the League Player Grid.

Enables Substitute Players to be added to League Events for rounds greater than 1

Adds ‘Games’ to League Play events for any kind of sub-event including skins, deuces, and eagles

Adds a resizable box or line to Cart Reports which can be dragged to any position on the report.

Provides Eclectic Score Format for events with all-round score reports in addition to the Eclectic Score Reports.

Fixes an issue with Score Format Selection for a round so the Score Options screen does not return to Round 1 on change.

Enables Cart assignments options by the team for 3 person teams paired into 6somes.

Adds new Games for Sub Events for Deuces and Eagles games


Updates User Guide


Updates User Guide


Release 2.0.2

Provides the ability to Export leaderboard layouts and import saved layouts into a New Template. 

Modifies Leaderboard Templates for new sort options for ‘Gross Variance’ and ‘Net Variance’ for live leaderboards with variance from par column.  Previously, sorting by Gross or Net Place was not sorting variance correctly.

Adds new functionality for updating Tee Box Selections in Player Down Grid.  Now you can highlight rows by holding Ctrl key down to select multiple rows and holding the Shift key down to highlight a range of rows.  The Tools Menu then included a new option to update highlighted rows to the new Tee Box which will open a list of all Tee Boxes for the course in highlighted rows.  If highlighted rows include multiple courses, the message will pop up to say only one course can be included to update Tee Boxes.  Tee Boxes do not have to be selected from Setup form first.  When a new tee box is selected for the event to update rows, it will auto-select that tee box on the Setup Form.

Cup Play Across Grid modified to show index and adj hcp in the grid.

Users can now send email to League Players that will open Player Grid where any round can be selected to see Start Tees/Times for events and viewers can print Start Reports

Web Landing Page added for League Events to provide access to League Reports for players from the club website.

Web Landing Page is now customizable for background photos and the ability to add User Logos.  Landing Pages for Web Reg, Leaderboard and League Play will all use the same User-Managed form now.

Enables ‘Enter Substitute Player’ for League Play from Player’s Icon Menu in rounds greater than 1.

Release 2.0.1

Provides an option to allow Web Registration Sign Ups to select Start Time or Start Tee for events.

Adds the option to add Blind Draw Players for events

Adds the option to add Duplicate Players for events

Adds Team ‘Cup’ Play (Ryder Cup) format for event setups

Provides option to manage borders in all Leaderboard Display components

Adds the ability to add an unlimited number of graphics to all reports

Adds ‘Ball Selection Rules’ (by round) to allow required ball selections to be defined in scoring formats such as Pro Gross required or Mixed Couples where one of the Men’s balls and one of the Women’s balls are required on each hole; or, A and C player selection plus B and D selection on each hole.

Provides customization options for site’s Landing Page for Leaderboard and  Web Registration event selections.

Adds Round Robin events to Leaderboard Display selection

Tracks ‘Print Changes’ for rapid Scorecard and Cart Sign reprints after changes

Adds ‘Pace of Play’ time settings per hole for Scorecard Reports 


Release 1.0.68

Enables Substitute Players in League Play and enables both Gross and Net-Results for Stableford and Stroke Play Leagues.

Fixes a problem with Net Score decimals in Leaderboard display for Peoria/Callaway events and fixes the ‘Holes Played’ in Leaderboard displays for multi-round events.

Release 1.0.67

Introduces League Plays to Web App with initial Net Only formats for Stableford and Stroke Play Leagues.  Gross and Net formats to be added later.

Fixes problem with 9 hole scorecards for hole numbers on back 9 cards.

Adds options to Web LB to change colors and size of borders around Leaderboard Grid and Graphic panels.  It also enables the border to be hidden altogether.  Fixes an issue for saving layout templates with an event so saved layout does not have to be selected again.

Modifies ‘Odds Board’ for WPS to allow selection of gross odds or net odds displays and enables multiple boards to be opened at the same time.

Adds the option to place the First Name on top of the Last Name for Template (Facility’s own) Scorecards.

 Adds option to place Total Gross and/or Total Net Scores on scoreboards from prior rounds to enable ‘scored’ scoreboard reports.

Fixes some sorting issues on reports.

Adds ‘Player Index’ to Scores Export reports which enable ‘Player Cuts’ to be made from prior events with the spreadsheet which can then be imported into a new event with the player indexes.

Adds an option to Bag Tag reports to select the starting label number so partial label sheets do not get wasted.

Modifies the ‘Add a Graphic Box/Line’ option on designer scorecards to allow the box height to be squeezed to a single line or lines to enable signature lines instead of signature box or boxes.

Fixes the GHIN Interface to enable multiple Association and Club Numbers to be added to a site for auto-updates.

Release 1.0.66

Provides the First Name on Top of Last Name option for Template (Print on your own) scorecard reports and corrects a field justification issue with Template cards.  Adds Player initials to scorecard options and enables separate row for Back 9 Pops to align with Initials when building cards with Front 9 Holes on top of Back 9 Holes.

Adds ‘User Field 1 & 2’ to fields that can be dropped into the scorecard reports.  Fixes an issue where up, down, right and left arrow keys can be used to move fields on reports.  Fixes position of Slope and Rating when added to scorecards.

Win Place Show Odds board modified to open in a separate window to enable drag and drop to another monitor or screen.

Release 1.0.65

Adds a notification message when the server will be updated with the new version.

Fixes a page break problem with reports.  Fixes an issue with Scoreboards when sorted by Flight and corrects a Payoff Place award error.

Release 1.0.64

Adds Odds Board to Win Place Show.  Adds an alert message if the player being added is already in an event.  Fixes Horseshoe Start setups.  Optimizes pages to speed up moving from one page (form) to another in the app.

Optimizes phone scoring app for speed.

Release 1.0.63

Adds ‘nudge’ option with Up, Down, Right and Left Arrow Keys for any fields added to reports.  So after dragging and dropping a field on a report, the arrow keys can ‘nudge’ the field to tweak the position on the report.

Adds Round Robin Points Leaderboard and Round Robin In-Cart scoring to GPS Interfaces. 

Release 1.0.62

Enables ‘Event Name’ to be dragged to the body of Cart Sheet Reports (was previously limited to the Header area). 

Adds new fields to Scorecard Designer for ‘Full USGA Handicap’ (when users want to show full handicap and an adjusted handicap for the event).  It also adds Player Number, Member Number, Current Index, Trend Index, Low Index, and Local Index fields.

Modifies Round Robin Setup to make it easier to drag and drop flights to Front or Back 9 Course being played for the round and to modify the sort order of flights assigned to a ‘9 Hole Course’ to mix up the starting tee or starting time assignments by flight.

Release 1.0.61

Provides an option to Export Scores Report to Excel.  Adds Event Name to Bag Tag Report Designer fields.

Adds a ‘Leaderboard List’ option and URL link that can be copied to a user’s website for a selection of current Leaderboard/Scoreboards to be displayed.

Release 1.0.60

Adds New Starting Report Option for Bag Tags that opens a form to enable selection of Bag Tag form size to print on.

Release 1.0.59

Fixes setup problems with Standard Elimination Match Play and an issue with Women Only Events.

Release 1.0.58

Adds Phone Scoring App to interface with ViPer to enable live scoring and leaderboards on Smartphones.

Fixes an issue printing scorecards when a blank position exists in the middle of a group.  Adds ‘Gender’ to Player Grid Excel Export file option.  Adds ‘Auto Assign’ option to reassign Tees/Times to grid current sort order – but must include Team in the sort selections.

Release 1.0.57

Modifies Client File Storage options to enable saving Logos and Graphics on the Server for faster selection and loading on reports.  Users will have a file size limit to old graphics and logos will need to be deleted periodically.

Fixes a ‘Change Graphic’ option on reports.

Modifies Leaderboard Display to provide an option to display Gross and Net Scores in alternating scrolls rather than including columns for both.  Gross display will scroll through, then Net display then starts over.

Release 1.0.56

Adds the Purse Setup menu to Scores Menu for easier access.  Fixes an issue with ABCD Team creation.

Release 1.0.54

Modifies Round Date on reports to enable Date Format selection.

Release 1.0.53

Adds option to create separate Men’s and Women’s flights by Handicap Ranges.  Adds Course Alias field to Starting Reports

Release 1.0.52

Fixes Highlight Starting Hole option on scorecards.

Release 1.0.50

Fixes Skins Reports for negative net score skins

Release 1.0.46

Fixes name storage issue and prompts for first and last when names include more than one separation

Provides an option to ‘Highlight’ Starting Hole with user-selected color

Fixes Net Skins for 0 and negative score selections

Fixes Score Report orientation to Portrait

Enables single and double quotes in Player Name Entry and corrects on sending to GPS for character limitations.

Release 1.0.43

            Corrects an issue with ViPer App running on IPads

            Adds ‘Space between groups’ setting option for Starting Reports

It provides an option to choose between name display on ViPer Leaderboard for ‘Display Team Member Names ‘Horizontally’ or ‘Vertically’ and corrects a score display issue.

Release 1.0.43

            Adds background color options for Contest Signs

            Corrects sorting issues in Starting Reports

            Fixes scorecard spacing on 2 Up Reports

            Modifies Japanese translation for some text

            Fixes Web Reg Signups for Multi Round Events


Release 1.0.40

Player Grid:

Modifications made when changing team or group size and not enough tees/times exist.  It will now tell you to go to the Setup Screen to make the changes.  When grid re-opens, changes will be applied.  I.E. when changing from 4somes to 3somes, more tees would be required.  So after selecting the required tees on Setup, the Player Grid will be rebuilt on new setup parameters.

Player Grid and Scorecard Reports fixed for managing odd-sized groups – like 5somes and 3somes in a 4 person event.

You can now drag the last person on a tee box to another group and a message prompt will ask if you want to delete the tee.  Yes, will delete it and move the player.

Option to assign ‘Single Player in Cart’ to the first or last position when 3somes or 5somes has been added to the ‘Setup’ form when creating events for 3somes or 5somes.

Scorecards now print correctly when 3somes, 4somes, 5somes, etc. in the same event

You can also now add a new tee to an event, add players to the positions and drag to create 5somes or whatever and then go back to Setup and delete the tee box with any remaining blank positions.  The grid will not get messed up now.

Handicap Adjustment Screen:

There is now a new option to ‘Adjust to Low Player in Group’.  So you no longer have to change team numbers to make this calculation when working with 2person vs 2 person events grouped in 4somes.  You can now select this option on the Handicap Adjustment screen and it will adjust each group to the low player in that group.

GHIN Interface:

Add a GHIN player to an event.  New menu item under ‘Players’.  When selected you can type in a GHIN number and add the GHIN player to the next spot in the Player Grid with the current index.

New menu item under ‘Hcp’ Icon.  Update to Official, Trend or Local indexes to update existing players in an event.

‘Post Scores to GHIN’ has now been enabled with Individual H x H scoring and it will automatically to Equitable Stroke Adjustment prior to posting




The Player ‘Status’ option has been fixed to work correctly now.  So you can set a player to ‘Disqualified, Withdrawn’, etc. and they will no longer be included on the score reports.  Note that if you change the status of one player on a team, it will change the team status.

Player Database:

New option to Import Players into the Player Database from an Excel/CSV file from another handicap management app.  Required the ‘Member #’ field to be used to import the external player number.  Player Number reserved for the GHIN interface.   So you just match up the external player number with the Member # field in the player database.


Scoreboard Report Designer now includes ‘Space between Groups’ setting and ‘box’ size is working as it should with Design Box Size matching Rendered Box Size.

Scores and Payoff Report page size adjusted to now fill a standard letter size page.

Round Robin Cartsheets and Scorecards fixed to print correctly

Round Robin

Modifications made to enable hole by hole scoring from GPS with leaderboards for each flight with point totals through ‘X’ holes.  By flight leaderboards sent to carts.

Round Robin Scoreboard added where you can print before entering any scores and have a blank scoreboard to manually enter scores.  And, after entering scores it can be used for a printed scoreboard ‘By Flight’

GPS Interface:

Fixed GPS Leaderboards to work correctly when ‘0’ Gross Scores to Use selected.  Will now automatically change to a Net Leaderboard

ViPer Leaderboard:

                Fixes applied for Timed Starts not updating start times.


Many cosmetic change fixes have also made